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About Us

FishStyx Custom Rods design, fits, and builds custom fishing rods for anglers throughout the United States and Canada. Our custom products run the full range, from lightweight fly rods to boat rods for giant marlin. From 1996 until current day, we delivered more than 150 custom rods per year, with a high of 207 and a low of 98.


In 2010, a medical issue slowed down our custom work, so we developed the Clearwater Series. The goal of this series was to deliver a rod with all of the advantages of a full custom at a price that was affordable to most anglers. Built on carbon fiber and Japanese resin blanks, the series featured the MicroWave Guide System as a no-price-increase option. These are incredible rods retail for just over $150.

WickedStyxDemand for a rod with increased sensativity and reduced weight led to the development of the WickedStyx line. We offer 12 models in Spinning or Casting configurations. Built in Rainshadow Blanks, these rods are built with wieght reduction at the forefront of the design, as less weight means better sensativity. These rods are offered at $209.95.

Fishing Rods


In 2012, we started to offer the Peacock Series for those who travel to Brazil in pursuit of the Amazon monsters. These are tough, beautiful, and tailored to the angler. Think of them as a limited custom rod. Prices start at $199.

Big Nasty

In 2014, the Big Nasty Series was developed for in-shore anglers, with a focus on the redfish, snook, and bigger game fish, such as smaller tarpons. A small series of tough sticks, build in the Clearwater vein, these rods are in the $150-$175 price range.

The Black Rose

Released in 2015, The Black Rose is designed for Lady Anglers. Built on a White Blanks with unique branding and slightly shorter handles these rods are perfect for the woman who is also a serious angler.

The Owners & Builders

Wendy Meder — President and Master Rodsmith
Wendy has been building rods since 1998, when she took over from Dale. She brings an incredible artistry and skill to the craft of rod building. Wendy has fished competitively for 20 years and her experience makes her a great consultant for the clients of Fishstyx.

Over the course of her career, Wendy has created some of the most unique and aesthetically crafted rods seen on the market. She has a gift for delivering almost anything a client can imagine. She is a true master at both design and production. Wendy is FishStyx, from the name of the firm to her personal touch, and she has a hand in almost every rod that has the brand on it.

Dale Meder — Founder
Dale learned the craft of rod building from a custom rod legend. He began building rods for himself in 1985 for specialty applications, and used these rods in competitive angling. His tools soon drew the interest of other anglers, and he began building rods for others on a limited scale. As an engineer, Dale has a full understanding of component design and development. These expertise added to his ability to set up that special rod for an angler. With interest growing in Dale's rods, FishStyx was born.

Dale has more than 40 years of experience in tournament bass fishing. He also spent three decades in-shore saltwater angling and chasing-catching blue-water fish. Dale is always happy to share his knowledge and expertise with customers.