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"I love the looks of it, and the feel is great. I am leaving next week to be on the Florida Gulf Coast for a while, so I am looking forward to using it. The threading is very artistic, and even my wife liked it. She now wants to get a fishing license, so I will see how we do. I am not sure I want her to like fishing too much, it is my quiet time. Do you know what I mean? :-)"
—Bob M.

"That rod was a masterpiece as far as I was concerned. It handled a wide variety of lure size, was light and not taxing to throw all day, whipped the big peacock with ease, and the work on the rod itself was beautiful and got a number of comments. Can one fall in love with a fishing rod?"
—Frank F., Holder of 4 Line Class World Records for Peacock Bass (National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame)

"The feel, action and sensativity are incredible. I cast further and more accurately than I ever have and I feel everything. Absolutely amazing rod" - Bill R. California 

" Wow! Beautiful rodand light as a feather and super sensative!"                                                                                                                                            -David F.  Outfitter - Fishin'