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The FishStyx Process

Every rod that bears our logo goes through a detailed design, fitting, and build process to ensure quality. We don't deviate from this process and we don't make compromises. Should we ever ask anyone else to assemble a rod for us, they will follow the process and we will still inspect everything before the rod is delivered. Our process is the backbone of our brand and one of the most reliable in the market.

The following step are followed for all rods. In the case of customs, these steps are preceded by the Custom Rod Fitting Process. For these clients, we conduct an interview to determine their desired action, application, and presentation specifics. We fit each custom to the angler, collecting physical data — including height, hand size, and arm length — to ensure the best possible fit and success in use.

How We Make Our Rods:

1) All components are inspected when received and accepted or rejected before assembly begins.

2) The blank is reviewed a second time, then stressed and splined to identify the perfect backbone for the rod. This ensures the rod will perform under pressure and dramatically reduces fish loss, angler fatigue, and rod breakage.

3) The handles and reel seats are assembled and attached using a two-part epoxy. We don't want handle failure. While we have on occasion had a reel seat fail, this is extremely rare. The rod is then allowed to set up for 24-48 hours.

4) At this point, the rod is checked for balance, we add a reel and validate that our balance point is where it should be. Some applications call for more or less tip weight, and we adjust as necessary. Our standards make adjustments fairly infrequent.

5) With the handle complete, the guide work begins. The guides are preliminarily spaced in accordance with research and manufacturer specifications. The rod is then static tested; this calls for stringing the rod and placing it under stress. We make certain the line is properly positioned through each guide, from top to reel seat.

6) Next, we wrap the guides. Each guide is set with enough wrap to permanently secure it to the blank. Each single foot guide is back wrapped. This is key, as most companies omit this time-consuming step. That is why you see some guides pull out, even on new rods. Finally, we perform one more inspection to ensure the guide alignment is completely perfect.

7) Following the wrap, the labels and branding are added.

8) All items on the rod are covered in ColorStay™, a product that locks the colors on the materials and keeps them looking like new for years to come. This step is followed by 24 hours for drying.

9) Next, the rod is coated with an epoxy finish. Again, we use a high quality, two-part epoxy. The rod is then placed in the drying turners, where it spends 24-36 hours turning to dry. The rod then sets for an additional day; then the second coat is applied. This delivers a deep finish.

10) Once completed, the rods are either shipped for delivery or staged in our inventory.